Mapping Europe’s sustainable tropical timber footprint and growing its global impact

5th December 2019

Wageningen/Utrecht/London, December 4, 2019 EU import of tropical timber can positively impact an additional 12.5 million ha tropical forests. The new report Tropical Timber Market Data report published by IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative estimates that between 25% and 32% of the primary tropical timber products imported into the EU28 is sourced from certified sustainably […]

Asia Pacific association leaders reveal the pressures on the forest and wood product industry

13th June 2019

Leaders interviewed represent over 13,000 companies, trading in excess of USD $30 billion Study covers 5 of the main producing, manufacturing and consuming countries in the Asia Pacific region Over 80% of the membership of these associations are micro, small or medium sized companies Jakarta, 13 June 2019: Global Timber Forum (GTF) today announces the […]

Political uncertainty limits the success of small wood product businesses across LATAM

5th March 2019

New study shows fluctuating political administrations de-stabilise business environment SMEs facing vicious circle of declining profitability and inability to access finance Broad ‘Illegal’ sector reputation restricts market opportunity for exporters   Lima, 5th March 2019:  Global Timber Forum (GTF) today launches the results of a multi-country timber industry study highlighting the major challenges facing small […]

New approach to increase responsible wood processing by African micro-businesses

22nd October 2018

LONDON, 22ND OCTOBER 2018: West, Central and East African associations outline support needed for 10,000 micro-businesses.   Identifies a ‘micro-business paradox’ with opportunities for change at scale being missed.   Research with twenty-one wood industry associations across six African countries reveals for the first time the extent of micro-businesses within their membership, the scale of […]



Introducing CSIFM (FORESTLINK PLATFORM) to Ghana Forestry Commission Regional and district Forest Managers.
Currently on going at Noda Hotel in Kumasi.

BREAKING NEWS: World’s major #chocolate companies call on the EU to pass a regulation to ensure #duediligence in their supply chains!

This shows the urgent need for laws to end the #deforestation and #HumanRights abuses that plague the sector.

Asistimos ayer a la jornada sobre #bosques, el sector #Forestal y #madera para frenar el #CambioClimático En la #COP25 en Madrid . Participó @unemadera Organizada por @JuntosxBosques y Es Montañas. Acceso a resumen y Declaración de Madrid.

Thank you to everyone who attended our #STTC 2019 conference!

A special thank you to all our fantastic speakers who helped exploring pathways to verified sustainable #tropical #timber and of course to our energetic facilitator Peter Woodward @decten1!

If EU sourced 100% verified #sustainable primary tropical #timber products, it will positively impact an additional 12.5 mill ha. tropical #forests. With all benefits associated.

A strong call for action!

Read our report with @GTF_Forum and @IDH_buzz:

Good morning from Maputo - business meeting #NGP2019 about to start - main event Tue/Wed - “Africa’s Social Prosperity & Landscapes”

Smallholder farmers are a future market, but not if they remain poor: Joost, @IDH_buzz CEO #farmfitforum

This is a great opportunity to chat with, and hopefully support post graduate researchers. Highly recommended

UPDATE: Can Global Corporations meet 2020 no-deforestation pledge?

@CGF_The_Forum @IGavilan_CGF responds 'Even if all 400 (CGF) members certify 100 percent of their supply chains, deforestation will still happen'

"Action at country-level continues to be a priority for promoting long term sustainable forest management," FAO's Daphne Hewitt #EU2019FI #FAO-#EU #FLEGT