Asia Pacific association leaders reveal the pressures on the forest and wood product industry

13th June 2019

Leaders interviewed represent over 13,000 companies, trading in excess of USD $30 billion Study covers 5 of the main producing, manufacturing and consuming countries in the Asia Pacific region Over 80% of the membership of these associations are micro, small or medium sized companies Jakarta, 13 June 2019: Global Timber Forum (GTF) today announces the […]

Political uncertainty limits the success of small wood product businesses across LATAM

5th March 2019

New study shows fluctuating political administrations de-stabilise business environment SMEs facing vicious circle of declining profitability and inability to access finance Broad ‘Illegal’ sector reputation restricts market opportunity for exporters   Lima, 5th March 2019:  Global Timber Forum (GTF) today launches the results of a multi-country timber industry study highlighting the major challenges facing small […]

New approach to increase responsible wood processing by African micro-businesses

22nd October 2018

LONDON, 22ND OCTOBER 2018: West, Central and East African associations outline support needed for 10,000 micro-businesses.   Identifies a ‘micro-business paradox’ with opportunities for change at scale being missed.   Research with twenty-one wood industry associations across six African countries reveals for the first time the extent of micro-businesses within their membership, the scale of […]

Towards a positive gender balance in the Ghanaian wood processing industry

12th October 2018

ACCRA, 12th OCTOBER 2018: New study describes existing gender balance and makes recommendations. The Global Timber Forum (GTF) today publishes a commissioned analysis of gender in the wood processing sector in Ghana. The new study reveals that in the wood processing sector women workers are much less visible than their male counterparts yet are involved in […]



"Out of all the countries in the world, Gabon has hung on to the most of its forests for a long time." @RodTaylorWRI

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Indonesia's current #forestfires could have serious implications for the country's efforts to reduce #deforestation. Here's a deeper look at the issue:

Shifting sales focus from Europe to Asia is a major challenge for European timber producers in Africa. #IMM trade consultation

Protect. Recover. Restore. The new #Forests4Life Partnership, which is being announced now at the #UNClimateSummit will halt and reverse the degradation of a billion hectares of the world’s great forests, ensuring a viable future for all life on Earth. Join us. #ClimateAction

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Did you know timber is the most sustainable construction material? 🌎

If we built 200,000 homes from #timber it would store around 4 million tonnes of #CO2 every year! #TimberFacts #CheersTrees

People won’t plant trees unless they are confident about a future market for their timber. People won’t invest in #sawmills unless they are confident about a future supply of #timber ... A few thoughts 🌳🌲