About Us


Global Timber Forum (GTF) builds the capability of forest and wood-based industry associations to engage SME members on responsible trade.

For GTF ‘responsible’ trade concerns efficiently achieving high standards in environmental and societal aspects of the wood product trade and also ensuring these high standards are both accessible to all businesses and relevant to markets around the world.

Associations include forest owners and managers along with associated forest operations such as harvesting through primary processing such as saw milling, secondary processing such as the manufacturing of engineered wood, construction products, furniture, flooring and panel products (mainly plywood, particle board and medium density fibre (MDF) boards. This can also include bamboo and rattan-based production but does not include the pulp & paper sector.


GTF is a not-for-profit organisation governed by a board of seven directors; three Executive Directors and five Non-Executives.  All the Non-Executives board members are representatives of national associations, with their member companies mostly being micro, small and medium-sized companies.  The current Board members are from associations in Europe, Africa, Australia, USA and Central America.

GTF Board

Cindy Squires, GTF Chair

Cindy Squires was elected Chair of the Global Timber Forum (GTF) during the organisation’s Rome summit in May 2016. She also chairs GTF’s International Product Requirements task force.

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Andreas von Möller, GTF Treasurer

In his role as Global Timber Forum (GTF) Treasurer, Andreas von Möller is responsible for overseeing and reporting on the organisation’s finances.

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Francisco Escobedo Grotewold, GTF Director

Francisco Escobedo Grotewold was elected to the GTF board in May 2016 and chairs the organisation’s Communications Standing Committee.

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Françoise Van de Ven, GTF Director

Françoise Van de Ven has been a member of the GTF board since May 2016. She has supported several GTF-facilitated activities in Africa, including SME needs assessment research…

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John Halkett, GTF Director

John Halkett joined the GTF board in May 2016. He chairs the organisation’s Due Diligence and Due Care task force.

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Rachel Butler, GTF Executive Director

Rachel is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the Global Timber Forum and is committed to ensuring the organisation acts in line with its vision and mission.

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George White, Projects Director

George White is the Projects Director and Company Secretary of the Global Timber Forum and is secretariat for GTF’s Oversight Committee.

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Andrew Escott, GTF Director of Policy and External Affairs

Andrew leads policy development for Global Timber Forum (GTF) and manages how the organisation interacts with stakeholders.  He also undertakes country projects focused on…

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GTF Team

Rupert Oliver, GTF Trade Analyst & STIX Manager

Rupert leads the GTF work on trade data flow analysis. He developed the Sustainable Timber Information Exchange (STIX) initiative & oversees its day-today management.

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Germain Yene, GTF Central Africa Representative

Germain, based in Cameroon, has been with GTF since its inception. He has led and initiated work on SMEs in the Central Africa region for a number of years.

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Gustav Adu, GTF West Africa Representative

Gustav is based in Ghana and has closely worked with private sector for GTF for a number of years. He has undertaken research to identify the private sector needs in…

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Fiona Sloss, GTF Association Training Framework Manager

Fiona is responsible for developing and building a Global Association Training Framework. This is a first in the forest and wood-based sector and aims to develop a series of training modules for…

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