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Promoting Wood Products

  • Wood promotion on the way to a brighter future

    Wood promotion and marketing has had to deal with a number of challenges in the past. Part of the problem is the sector’s fragmentation. Another critical factor keeping timber marketing on the back foot has been the environmental issues. For a long time the industry has been portrayed as a chief culprit in deforestation, which, in turn, more recently has been linked with climate change.

    Moreover, rival industries such as steel, aluminium, concrete and plastic comprise fewer bigger operators. They have found it easier to adopt common messaging and get behind industry-wide marketing, which has often been negative and targeted at wood.

    However, today – with an increasingly positive environmental story to tell – the marketing opportunities for timber are growing. There’s a feeling internationally, in the words of one former EU industry association head, “that we are potentially entering a golden age for wood”.

    Against this background, the Global Timber Forum has carried out an online analysis of wood promotion projects and a survey of experts, to take a closer look at where wood promotion stands today, where there are examples of good practice and what more can be done in the future.

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