SGS launched its Timber Legality and Traceability Verification scheme in 2005. It now covers 4.2 million ha of forests belonging to companies in Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon), while 11 TLTV CoC Statements have been issued in 10 countries in Europe, America, and Asia.
  • Rainforest Alliance VLO/VLC

    The Rainforest Alliance is moving from its Verification of Legal Origin system, which verifies timber is backed by documented legal right to harvest, to Verification of Legal Compliance, which also validates that timber complies with wider range of forestry laws and that suppliers have met tax and planning requirements.
  • Bureau Veritas OLB

    The Origine et Légalité des Bois (OLB) third party legality verification scheme was launched in 2004 by Bureau Veritas Certification. OLB certificates verify compliance with legal requirements for forest management and logging activities, employment, security, environmental impact. Its complementary chain of custody standard covers traceability requirements for selling OLB certified wood and to use the OLB trademark. Wood processing and trading companies can also be OLB+ certified on the basis of their own wider social and environmental performance.

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