• Real Wood Flooring

    The online promotional and informational initiative of FEP, the European Federation of the Parquet Industry (
  • Wood Toolbox

    An interactive online information resource to promote use of wood as a modern, sustainable material for urban construction. Developed by the European Timber Trade Federation, European Organisation of Sawmills and European national wood promotion councils. It includes a database of key industry messages and data, supporting research and timber construction case studies.
  • Wood for Growth

    Cross industry European lobbying initiative targeting Members of the European Parliament, European Commission and other lead European political institutions. Its aim is to highlight the economic, employment social, and environmental value of the woodworking and wood furniture sectors. It has a target of increasing the sectors' GDP share by 20%, increasing its revenues by ?2.35bn and workforce by 80,000 new jobs and contributing to a reduction in atmospheric CO2 emissions by an added 150 million tonnes by 2020. In 2014 it held a Wood Action Days event, with a major series of seminars and presentations to policy makers in Brussels. It is backed by the European Panel Federation ( and Organisation of Sawmill Industries (
  • European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition

    Launched by Netherlands government backed agency, IDH-the Sustainable Trade Initiative, the STTC's goal is to revive and develop the European tropical timber sector, with the premise that a healthy market for sustainably produced timber provides commercial underpinning for forest maintenance. The initial goal was to increase sustainable certified material's share of the EU tropical timber market to 30% by 2015. Supporters include business, government, NGOs, industry associations and local authorities. Working groups are focused on communication, legality and sustainability, business links and technical issues (including use of lesser known tropical species). The latter is backing a website on these species,
  • Packaging from Nature (Wood Packaging)

    The promotional website from the FEFPEB timber packaging and pallet organisation focuses on timber's environmental superiority as a packaging and transport material.
  • The European Forest Portal

    A free information service on European forests and forestry, comprising news and an English language metadatabase of industry web resources. Maintained by EFI with the support of Silva Network and the University of Joensuu.
  • European Wood

    The European Wood Initiative is a generic cooperation campaign promoting development of modern wood building, backed by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation and Norwegian Sawmill Industries Association.
  • CEI-Bois (European Confederation of Woodworking Industries)

    CEI-Bois aims to further the interests of the European wood products sector and to influence EU policy-making. Part of their work is to publish a range of literature to promote wood and wood products, including ?Tackle Climate Change, Use Wood'.


  • ProHolz

    Austrian timber industry promotional and informational campaign. Provides general and technical specification information at and satellite sites. Also produces technical and product documents. A key area of focus are its WoodBox and WoodDays international touring exhibition and seminar programme ( WoodBox is a timber freight container housing an exhibition on latest timber construction. It tours cities across Europe and is supported by a WoodDays seminar and presentation events. The initiative also has an information programme focused on timber in urban construction, Wood Growing Cities.


  • Belgian Wood Forum

    Free industry-backed online information platform providing technical advice on use of wood for domestic and professional audiences. Produces technical publications and provides free 'product knowledge' training to for business, covering the properties of timber and wood products, and industry classification information.


  • Danish Wood Initiative (Trae Er Miljo)

    Focused on promoting the environmental and technical performance of timber, supported by nine industry organisations in and associated with the sector. Provides education and technical information and has produced three short promotional animations on timber's renewable, sustainable and carbon benefits under the slogan Wood ? Nature's Stroke of Genius. These have now had 125,000 hits online and are in five languages. This campaign has also produced Danish and English brochures.


  • Finnish Wood Council

    Promotes use of wood in construction and interior design through distribution of technical and case study information. Has satellite websites on Finish wood products ( and timber architecture ( It also produces a triannual magazine on wood architecture and construction. Puuinfo's backers are the Finnish Forest Industries Federation, Finnish Sawmills, The Association of the Finnish Timber and Builders' Merchants and Finland's Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK).



    A website and promotional campaign backed by France's National Committee for Wood Development ( and Furniture and Wood Development Committee ( and the Swedish Wood organisation, partners previously behind the Le Bois C'est Essentiel campaign. The site covers the capabilities of wood and its uses, especially in the construction, interiors and home improvement and renovation.


  • Centrum Hout

    Supports the construction and design of sustainable building in wood through a range of information and technical services. These include a helpline for architects, developers, builders and suppliers, providing information on timber's performance and specification and environmental issues.
  • Consciously Wood

    A campaign to promote the use and reputation of timber jointly developed by the Royal Dutch Timber Trade Federation ( and the Dutch Association of Timber Manufacturers ( This developed the Green Deal initiative, an alliance of 27 organisations from the timber and timber using industries, retail sector, government, and including the Dutch government supported agency IDH- The Sustainable Trade Initiative and NGO Tropenbos. Its aim is to make sustainably certified timber the norm on the Dutch market, with a target of 85% market share by end 2015.


  • Swedish Wood

    An arm of the Swedish Forest Industries Federation, its aim is to spread knowledge, inspiration and encourage the technical and performance development relating to wood, wood products and wooden buildings. The campaign also highlights wood's strength as a competitive, eco-friendly and sustainable material.


  • Wood for Good

    One of the first generic timber promotion campaigns, dating back to 2000, the UK Wood for Good campaign is supported by timber businesses and organisations, including the government Forestry Commission agency. It is also backed by the Swedish Forest Industries Federation (www.forestindustries .se) and American Hardwood Export Council ( Construction is a key focus, but it promotes wood use, notably for its carbon and wider environmental merits, across the board. Has undertaken print, tv and online promotion. Initiatives include the Timber Industry Manifesto, a policy maker lobbying programme, the Growing Communities campaign to promote use of wood in urban centres and the Wood First programme, aimed at persuading authorities to favour timber in procurement and planning. Latest initiative is the Lifecycle Database, an online resource providing life cycle assessment and technical performance information for a range of timber and wood products. This is underpinned by the Build with Carbon campaign, including online animations, explaining timber's carbon credentials for construction.

North America


  • WoodWorks

    North American education, technical support and education programme backed by the Softwood Lumber Board, Natural Resources Canada, Canada's Forestry Innovation Investment and the Forest Products Laboratory of the US Department of Agriculture Forests Service. Key focus is promotion of wood use in commercial and multi-residential construction, with the goal of making it easier to design, engineer and construct wood buildings at less cost. Also has regional operations and provides free project assistance and technical expert consultancy.
  • Canada Wood

    Initiative to increase Canadian wood product exports through market development and promotional activities, including via field offices in China, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Provides technical support and product and industry data.
  • Natural Resources Canada

    Government body focused on development, use and competitiveness of Canada's natural resources products, including timber and forest products. Incorporates the Canadian Forest Service (CFS), which provides science and policy expertise and advice on national forest sector issues, and aims to ensure the long-term economic success and sustainability of the sector. It also produces the annual State of Canada's Forest report.
  • Naturally Wood

    Naturally Wood is an outcome of the Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) programme, a comprehensive information resource combining data on wood and wood products performance, green building and life cycle assessment information. Covers certification issues, and includes a supplier directory and certification search engine.
  • Forestry Innovation Investment

    A British Columbian state-backed funding and industry development agency, aimed at developing and diversifying domestic and export markets for BC forest products in association with business and research sectors and other institutions.
  • FPAC Vision 2020

    The Forest Products Association of Canada is primarily an industry representative body, but has an extensive informational and image building programme, conveying key messages for the industry to the market and public. Its Vision 2020 initiative sets out a development programme for the industry and its market, aiming at generating C$20billion in extra sector revenue in eight years.


  • Rethink wood

    Coordinated online and print marketing and communications strategy backed by the US Softwood Lumber Board and BC Forestry Innovation Investment (FII). Key focuses are the architectural, design and engineering communities, with the key aim to boost use of wood in construction of all types.
  • WoodWorks

    North American technical support and education programme backed by the Softwood Lumber Board, Natural Resources Canada, Canada's Forestry Innovation Investment and the Forest Products Laboratory of the US Department of Agriculture Forests Service. The key focus is promotion of wood use in commercial and multi-residential construction, with the aim of making it easier to design, engineer and construct wood buildings at less cost. The imitative also has regional operations, provides free project assistance and technical expert consultancy.
  • Softwood Lumber Board

    In 2011 a majority of the US lumber industry voted for the check off system, effectively an industry levy, to fund a promotion programme and the Softwood Lumber Board was born. It funds a range of industry lobbying and promotional initiatives, some in conjunction with Canadian agencies to create a common North American marketing and educational effort with shared messages. Initiatives supported include the American Wood Council (, which works on wood and building standards and supports use of timber in construction; The National Post Frame Building Association ( to expand the use of softwood lumber in post frame construction; reTHINK WOOD ( to promote values and benefits of appearance and structural lumber; WoodWorks ( to promote use of appearance and structural softwood lumber in light commercial and multi-family construction; the Timber Tower Project, a research project with Chicago architect SOM developing a 42-storey engineered wood and concrete building blue print as inspiration for more use of wood in high rise construction; the US Tall Wood Building Prize Competition ( offering a $2 million prize to promote high rise wood building ? campaign estimates that North American tall timber building sector could potentially consume 6 billion board feet of timber a year ; Appearance Product Promotion Program ( to promote use of softwood lumber in interior and exterior appearance applications.



  • WoodSolutions

    Comprehensive information and data on wood and wood products for Australian architects, engineers and other building professionals.
  • Wood. Naturally Better

    Industry initiative to promote the benefits of wood and wood products. Includes broadcast, print and online advertising working in conjunction with environmental foundation Planet Ark's Environmental Edge information programme.
  • Make It Wood

    Promotional initiative to increase use of responsibly sourced wood in building, highlighting renewable and low carbon credentials. A partnership between Planet Ark and Forest and Wood Products Australia.
  • Forest and Wood Products Australia

    Not-for-profit working to improve competitiveness and sustainability of Australian forestry and wood industries through support activities and services, including promotional and public relations campaigns. Supports the Wood Naturally Better promotional campaign and WoodSolutions online database.

New Zealand

  • WoodCo Manifesto

    2014 sector development document, backed by the Forest Industry Development Agenda and Wood Council of New Zealand (the board of which comprises New Zealand Forest Owners, Wood Processors and Manufacturers, Farm Forestry and Forest Industry Contractors Associations). Encapsulates a Strategic Action Plan (SAP) to increase timber sector export earnings to around $12 billion by 2022. Includes tax and government changes to boost wood supply, industry capital investment, research and development, training, sustainable land use, international wood trade promotion, and domestic consumption. The latter to be achieved through government procurement and use of timber in public building, increased promotion of engineered wood and support for timber design skills building.

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