• Forest Research Institute of Ghana

    An affiliate of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, which started as an element of the Forestry Department. Its aim is product and process development to enhance the capabilities of the Ghanaian forest products and forest sectors.




  • Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE)

    Autonomous arm of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, its role covers sector planning, research and education, with the focus including climate change, biodiversity, desertification, sustainable management and development of resources. Includes nine regional research Institutes and four research centres servicing different forest areas and timber sector needs nationwide.



    The Indonesian Forestry Research and Development Agency is focused on providing applied forestry science and technology services in support of sustainable forest resource management and use. Works with government, industry, civil society and local communities.


  • Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

    FRIM promotes sustainable management and optimal use of forest resources through forestry and forest products development programmes. Outreach includes FRIM's Timber Technology Bulletins, covering a wide range of product and material development areas.


  • Pakistan Forest Institute

    Focused on research in forestry, forest products development and allied disciplines. Wood and wood-based products development and production are among its remits.






Czech Republic









  • Coillte

    The research and development activities of Irish state forestry and timber body Coillte are concentrated on silviculture. But more recently the focus has turned increasingly to commercial forestry and technical support and on maximising forest productivity, while maintaining sustainability.





  • Centrum Hout

    Information about the use of wood products in building and construction. Also links to a technical advice telephone service.


  • Institute of Wood Technology, NTI

    The research and development centre for the sawmill and timber industry. Main areas include quality control, testing and information dissemination in the industry.
  • Forest and Landscape Institute

    Includes departments of forest resources and biology undertaking research into areas such as tree health and genetics.
  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences

    Undertakes broad and varied research into forestry and forest products use and development, including wood technology and resource planning. Also offers bachelors and masters degree programmes in forest science and related topics.
  • TreFokus

    A range of information including wood species' characteristics and various wood products. Examples of large and small construction projects that showcase the use of wood.


  • Poznan Wood Technology Institute

    Research into a variety of wood and wood products development and technological areas, including wood processing and development of new-engineered products and composites. The goal is to improve wood products capabilities, the profitability of the industry and use of the timber resource.


  • Forest Research Centre, CIFOR-INIA

    Research priorities are forest ecology, and sustainable forest product supply. The focus of the latter is improvement in raw material quality for the wood and wider forest products sectors.


  • Skogforsk, Swedish Forestry Research Institute

    Applied research undertaken in a range of areas; wood utilisation, technology, bioenergy, logistics and tree breeding.
  • Swedish University of Agriculture Forestry Faculty

    Besides a major educational facility, offering bachelors and higher degree courses in forestry and forest products related fields, the Faculty of Forestry has a major research programme. Areas covered range from wood utilisation to cell biology.
  • Linnaeus University

    A major educational establishment, but also a leading research body. Focused on forestry and wood utilisation. It has extensive testing and research laboratories and workshops at Växjö, undertaking applied and pure research and product testing.
  • Nordic Forest Research (SNS)

    A collaborative group of forest and timber research body created to coordinate their work and share expertise and resources. Comprising bodies in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The secretariat rotates between member organisations.
  • SP Wood Technology

    Part of the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, SP Wood Technology research and testing activities cover the whole supply chain, from forest raw materials to finished products, from furniture to whole building structures. This year its Wood Technology and Energy Technology units merged to form the new Sustainable Built Environment facility to develop its wood structural technology, building physics and acoustics services. SP also undertakes quality and performance testing inspection, damage investigation and training.



  • Forest Research

    The research and development arm of the UK Forestry Commission, focused on the health and development of national forests, including disease and pest prevention and timber quality and productivity improvement. Timber research is focused on genetics, silviculture, site factors and climate on wood properties and product performance, with the aim of increasing timber output and use.
  • Wood Campus

    Online resource providing a range of information and learning tools for UK DIY and professional users of wood, including customers and builders, merchants and specifiers.
  • TRADA (The Timber Research and Development Association)

    UK-based international organisation dedicated to best practice design, specification and use of wood products in the built environment and related fields. Conducts numerous information and training events.
  • Edinburgh Napier University

    Includes the Centre for Timber Engineering, focused on use of timber in high value engineering and construction, and the Wood Studio, which encourages wood use and innovation in architecture and design and includes research facilities at the Timber Expertise Centre. Its Wood Products Innovation Gateway helps smaller businesses develop new wood products. Timber courses are construction oriented, including a bachelors in civil and timber engineering and master in timber engineering and timber industry management.

North America


  • Wood Research Centre, Laval University

    Works closely with industry in its applied research into new methods of wood transformation, and timber's application in innovative commercial products. Housed in the cutting edge wood-based Pavillon Gene-H.-Kruger.
  • FPInnovations

    Helps the Canadian forest industry with research and product development based on the attributes of Canada's forest resources.
  • Engineered Timber Structures Research Group, University of New Brunswick

    A centre for research and development in use of timber and wood-based products in construction. The goal is to improve the efficiency and performance of complete systems, and extension of uses of timber into new construction applications, including hybrid construction systems for tall buildings. Earth quake resistant technologies and thermal performance are among areas of interest.
  • Canadian Wood Council (CWC)

    The CWC provides technical and knowledge transfer services relating to wood product codes, standards and regulations.The CWC provides technical and knowledge transfer services relating to wood product codes, standards and regulations.The CWC provides technical and knowledge transfer services relating to wood product codes, standards and regulations.The CWC provides technical and knowledge transfer services relating to wood product codes, standards and regulations.The CWC provides technical and knowledge transfer services relating to wood product codes, standards and regulations.




New Zealand

South America


  • Embrapa

    Projects cover sustainable forestry and forest products manufacture, timber and non-timber forest management, environmental impact studies and plantation forest development



    The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) conducts research on forest and landscapes management, focusing on capacity building, collaboration and partnerships. It is a member of the Consortium of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research ( and leads the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry. It is headquartered in Indonesia, with offices in eight countries and operations in 30.

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