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  • NEPCon

    NEPCon is a non-profit organisation focused on mainstreaming sustainability in business and development via solutions for safeguarding natural resources and tackling climate change. It undertakes forest sustainability and chain of custody certification and environmental impact assessment. Its LegalSource programme, designed for compliance with the EUTR and US Lacey Act, minimises risk of trading in illegal timber; comprising a due diligence system and due diligence certification (as an approved EUTR Monitoring Organisation) and supplier evaluation.
  • Imaflora

    The role of the Institute of Agricultural and Forest Management and Certification is to encourage sustainable economic use and management of tropical forests to provide commercial incentive for their preservation. Undertakes chain of custody administration and certification.
  • Global Forestry Services

    Global Forestry Services Inc provides a range of services to improve forest management environmental and technical performance, including solutions for demonstrating products are responsibly sourced and traceable back to a verified legal origin (VLO). Its Wood Tracking Program comprises chain of custody verification, supplier risk evaluation and forestry legal compliance evaluation.
  • Control Union

    Operates its own Timber Legality Verification standard, which gives third party validation to suppliers' due diligence systems and forestry management standards. This provides supply chain verification for timber traders, processors and manufacturers until timber and wood products are placed on the EU market, meeting EUTR legality verification requirements. Control Ujion is also an EUTR Monitoring Organisation, authorised to devise and manage due diligence systems under the Regulation.
  • Certisource Legality Assurance System (CLAS)

    Not-for-profit organisation providing verified legal timber certification, with chain of custody backed by DNA testing, to its CertiSource Standards, policies and procedures, via an independent ISO accredited certification body. To date CertiSource is only defined for Indonesia.
  • Bureau Veritas Origin and Legality of Wood (OLB)

    Long-established and one of biggest certification and auditing bodies worldwide, with over 60,000 employees and offices in 140 countries, with revenues of ?3.9bn. Certifies to FSC, PEFC and other standards and audits to its own OLB legality verification scheme. Also an EU Timber Regulation Monitoring Organisation, authorised to establish and manage due diligence systems under the Regulation.
  • BM TRADA Certification

    Undertakes FSC and PEFC chain of custody certification, including joint certification where required. It also offers timber species verification, billed as a ?useful due diligence system to meet the European Timber Regulation (EUTR)'.
  • SP Wood Technology

    Part of the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, SP Wood Technology undertakes third party environmental certification, including to FSC and PEFC schemes, and quality and performance testing inspection, damage investigation and training. It also conducts original research and testing covering the whole timber supply chain. Its Wood Technology and Energy Technology units have now merged to form The Sustainable Built Environment facility.
  • TÜV Rheinland Group

    Multi-faceted German-based auditing and certification group employs 17.950 people in 500 locations in 65 countries with annual revenues of ? 1.6 billion. TÜV Nord and Sud Groups also undertake a similar range of activities. More information. and
  • Soil Association

    Certifies to FSC and PEFC sustainability schemes, and is also developing its Woodmark Forest Verification of Legal Compliance (FVLC) system. This verifies forests are managed in conformance with national laws, so meeting the legality requirements of EUTR and the US Lacey Act.
  • SGS

    Leading global certifier of forests and products to FSC and PEFC schemes and verification of legal origin. It also offers timber legality audit and national forest control services, supported by comprehensive chain of custody systems, and undertakes independent assessment of forestry management standards.
  • SCS Legal Harvest Verification (LHV)

    SCS Global Services specialises in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, testing and standards development. Certifies to FSC and PEFC standards, and also operates its own LegalHarvest timber legality verification and traceability scheme, designed for compliance to EUTR, US Lacey Act and the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Regulation. It also provides forest management and product verification and chain of custody under the Indonesian SVLK Timber Legality Assurance Scheme.

  • Rainforest Alliance

    The leading body certifying forest and timber to the FSC sustainability standard, Rainforest Alliance also has its own legality certification scheme. It is now moving from Verification of Legal Origin (VLO) to Verification of Legal Compliance (VLC) which, besides verifying harvesting legality, also validates that timber complies with wider range of forestry laws and that suppliers have met tax and planning requirements.

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