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Market Legality Requirements

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  • GTF Trade Dialgues: Information-sharing and longer-term supply agreements are key to SME success

    For part two of its Trade Dialogues series GTF spoke to Danzer UK managing director Ken Walsh about EU market opportunities for producer-country SMEs, how due diligence is carried out in practice and the relevance of FLEGT VPAs. Danzer UK has been one of the pioneers of responsible sourcing in Europe: it started gathering evidence of […]

  • FLEGT Independent Market Monitoring moves forward

    ITTO has relaunched the FLEGT Independent Market Monitoring (IMM) programme effective 1 April 2017. New Lead Consultant Sarah Storck and IMM Market and Technical Analyst Rupert Oliver are finalizing the IMM 2015/2016 Annual Reports and reactivating and expanding the international network of IMM correspondents. An IMM website and quarterly newsletters are also under development.

  • Myanmar releases statement of progress in timber legality assurance

    The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar has published a statement that sets out an acknowledgement of the recent delegation and next steps in reform: Statement of Progress in Timber Legality Assurance in Myanmar We confirm that Myanma Timber Enterprise (MTE), a state-owned enterprise under the Ministry […]

  • NEPCon releases new LegalSource standard

    NEPCon released a new version of its LegalSource standard last week. The LegalSource standard is a set of requirements for creating a due diligence system to manage the risks of harvesting or sourcing timber.

New Timber Opportunities and Green Building

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Promoting Wood Products

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  • ATIBT publishes new guide to using African timbers in Europe New ATIBT guide on certified African timber

    Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux (ATIBT) has just released Volume 1 of its “User Guide for Eco-certified African Timber in Europe”. The Guide provides technical information on the tropical timber species, highlights its exceptional qualities and presents uses for which tropical timber has proven ideal. It also includes a list of species and their uses.

  • AHEC and partners show London a Smile

    The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), has collaborated with Alison Brooks Architects, Arup and the London Design Festival to present a cross-laminated tulipwood structure on the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground of the Chelsea College of Arts from 17 September until 12 October. Alison Brooks Architects has designed ‘The Smile’, an urban installation that showcases the structural […]

  • Tropical Timber: “Use it or lose it”

    The future of the world’s remaining tropical forests depends on the responsible use of tropical timber, concluded participants and speakers at the Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition’s (STTC) latest conference ‘Real impact through timber purchasing policies’ held in Rotterdam on 23 June. Consumption of tropical timber was identified as the only way of protecting tropical forests […]

  • GTF Executive Director Rachel Butler on the Global Timber Forum

    Rachel Butler, Executive Director of the Global Timber Forum, speaks about the priorities of the new international timber sector networking and communications platform.

Sector Information & Data

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Valuing the Resource

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  • AfDB invests $14 million in restoration of degraded forests in Ghana

    The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) approved a $14 million senior loan through its private sector window to Form Ghana Ltd for restoration of degraded forest reserves through sustainably managed forest plantations.

  • Writer gets under skin of giant Congo FSC forest

    In his latest book, Dutch specialist nature conservation and sustainability author and researcher Meindert Brouwer shows how effectively and efficiently managed forest and timber operations can balance the needs of business and the environment. Brouwer dedicates a whole chapter of his new book, Central African Forests Forever, to the IFO forest concession and timber operations in […]

  • NASA joins Gabonese forest analysis

    The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has joined with European and Gabonese partner agencies to map the density and carbon storage potential of Gabon’s forests. According to the NASA website, the American team brought two laser-radar equipped B200 aircraft (pictured above) and a C40 plane carrying specialist radar equipment to the task, with one specific instrument […]

  • Commission invests € 63.8 million in new environmental projects across Member States

    European – Press release Commission Brussels, 26 January 2016 New LIFE funding will help bring over € 1 billion of support to environmental plans across the EU. The European Commission today announced an investment of € 63.8 million for the first-ever “Integrated Projects” to be funded under the LIFE programme…

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