ATIBT publishes new guide to using African timbers in Europe

New ATIBT guide on certified African timber

Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux (ATIBT) has just released Volume 1 of its “User Guide for Eco-certified African Timber in Europe”. The Guide provides technical information on the tropical timber species, highlights its exceptional qualities and presents uses for which tropical timber has proven ideal. It also includes a list of species and their uses.

According to the Guide, certified African species can supplement and complement temperate timber species, thereby helping to expand the total market for wood products in Europe. Volume 1 of the Guide is intended for European users of African timber, including all suppliers, distributors, designers, public buyers and instructors whose activities are linked to the timber sector. Volume 2, yet to be published, will target African consumers.

Promoting timber in order to preserve tropical forests

The Guide also aims to help transform attitudes to tropical timber in Europe by explaining the importance of tropical timber for local communities and economies. It emphasises that if local populations are unable to derive sufficient income from logging, they will necessarily have to seek alternative sources of income, which in turn often results in forest conversion.

The Guide was prepared by timber engineers Patrick Martin and Michel Vernay. Financial support was provided by PPECF (Programme de Promotion de l’Exploitation Certifiée des Forêts – Programme for the Promotion of Certified Forest Operations) and the AFD (Agence Française de Développement – French Development Agency).

A PDF of the Guide can be downloaded from the ATIBT website. To order a printed copy for €15 contact