• GTF/GIZ report looking into Peruvian associations’ capacities and needs

    LIMA, 10th NOVEMBER 2017: The Peruvian forestry sector has suffered a severe setback in recent years. Since the intervention and seizure of significant volumes of illegal timber in 2015 and 2016, and the alerts issued in the countries of destination such as the USA, the demand for wood products from Peru has decreased considerably. Thus, […]

  • GTF Trade Dialgue: Information-sharing and longer-term supply agreements are key to SME success

    As part of its Trade Dialogues series GTF spoke to Danzer UK managing director Ken Walsh about EU market opportunities for producer-country SMEs, how due diligence is carried out in practice and the relevance of FLEGT VPAs. Danzer UK has been one of the pioneers of responsible sourcing in Europe: it started gathering evidence of responsible […]

  • Myanmar releases statement of progress in timber legality assurance

    The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar has published a statement that sets out an acknowledgement of the recent delegation and next steps in reform: Statement of Progress in Timber Legality Assurance in Myanmar We confirm that Myanma Timber Enterprise (MTE), a state-owned enterprise under the Ministry […]

  • GTF Trade Dialogue: FLEGT – unlike due diligence – creates a level playing field

    Alexander de Groot and Koen de Witte, CEOs of Fepco and Altripan, have been among the first European importers to receive FLEGT licensed wood from Indonesia. In an interview with GTF they talk about the importance of FLEGT for the European trade and their hopes for the future. They also call upon European governments to support FLEGT.

  • GTF Chair Cindy Squires: “GTF can be a force-multiplier for SMEs and trade associations”

    Cindy Squires, Executive Director of the International Wood Products Association and GTF Chair, asserts that the private sector, or “people on the ground”, need to be informed and included in discussions on timber legality and sustainability. They also need to be aware of the laws in the countries they work with, she explains – and […]

  • Report brings Myanmar private forest and timber sector needs into focus

    A major report has been completed into the business, market and environmental policy development needs of Myanmar’s private forest and timber sector as it increasingly engages with the international market and its legality and sustainability requirements.

  • GTF survey on due diligence finds SMEs to be performing well

    Since the EU Timber Regulation was first adopted there has been much debate and some confusion as to the best approach to practicing due diligence. What does a good system look like? How much diligence should be practiced? How is risk assessed and suitably managed? In May and June GTF commissioned some analysis of a sample of European and producer-country small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) involved in the forest products trade. The detailed results of this research will soon be available for download from the GTF website, but some initial findings are ready to be shared now.