Strengthening Capabilities

GTF strengthens skills and knowledge through working at national level mainly with associations and using trusted facilitators where necessary. The activities are tailored to the local needs of the sector and are devised to complement the programmes of other organisations working on responsible trade issues.

A key development in this area has been the establishment of a Best Practice Association Training Framework (ATF). This is adaptable to national circumstances and aims to meet specific needs of individual associations to support both their internal management and services to their members.

Other activities are focused on a range of responsible trade aspects; supply chain management, communications etc and are developed through national partnerships.

Association Training Framework

Association Training at the West & Central Africa Summit, Libreville June 2018

National Partnerships

Supporting development & Implementation of National Communications Strategy with all stakeholders. Ghana, April 2018

Developing guidance for SME companies on national legality requirements. Consultation with government & stakeholders. YaoundΓ© Cameroon, March 2018

Role of Gender in the wood-processing sector. Consulting companies & associations. Ghana, Jan 2018