• GTF LATAM summit boosts regional cooperation

    The first GTF LATAM summit brought together more than 80 associations and industry representatives from all over the Americas. Discussions in plenary and break-out sessions were held over two days. They focussed on competitiveness and access to markets; impacts of new and emerging regulations; regional trade flow data; incentives for forest conservation; efficient traceability systems and independent forest monitoring.

  • FLEGT Independent Market Monitoring moves forward

    ITTO has relaunched the FLEGT Independent Market Monitoring (IMM) programme effective 1 April 2017. New Lead Consultant Sarah Storck and IMM Market and Technical Analyst Rupert Oliver are finalizing the IMM 2015/2016 Annual Reports and reactivating and expanding the international network of IMM correspondents. An IMM website and quarterly newsletters are also under development.

  • GTF TradeDialogues: FLEGT – unlike due diligence – creates a level playing field

    Alexander de Groot and Koen de Witte, CEOs of Fepco and Altripan, have been among the first European importers to receive FLEGT licensed wood from Indonesia. In an interview with GTF they talk about the importance of FLEGT for the European trade and their hopes for the future. They also call upon European governments to support FLEGT.

  • More good news on VPAs – Vietnam and EU reach agreement in principle

    After nearly six years of negotiations, Vietnam and the European Union have agreed in principle on a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) this week. The agreement marks another step forward in the EU’s ambitious FLEGT VPA programme.

  • Indonesia starts issuing FLEGT licenses

    Today Indonesia begins issuing FLEGT licences that attest to the legality of the timber products it exports to the EU. The FLEGT licensing scheme is the first of its kind in the world, and is the result of a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) between Indonesia and the EU.

  • FLEGT facilitation support office to open in Guyana

    The UK Department for International Development (DFID) will set up a FLEGT facilitation support office in Guyana. The office is to back the country in the final stage of the FLEGT VPA negotiation process and subsequent implementation of the agreement.

  • UK-EU status for the Global Timber Trade

    The result of the UK’s referendum on its membership of the European Union inevitably raises many questions for those trading with the UK in the global timber industry. GTF’s role is to provide information and if needs a forum to discuss what this means for our industry. Just to reassure our supporters that GTF funding […]

  • New training turns EUTR due diligence to timber trade advantage

    Meeting the due diligence market legality requirements of the EU Timber regulation (EUTR) has been a challenge for timber traders EU-wide. For many, notably small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it still is. But there’s help at hand in a new EU-funded SME training project.

  • VPAs are „a tool for fixing gaps in governance“, says FERN

    The environmental NGO FERN has analysed the FLEGT VPA process in five African countries in terms of transparency and discovered a range of encouraging signs. Transparency gains achieved as a part of the VPA process have, according to FERN, contributed to halting forest loss and increased rights of communities and indigenous peoples. 

  • Stakeholders worldwide give their views on value of FLEGT

    Environmental NGO FERN has launched an online video giving stakeholders worldwide the opportunity to share their views on the value of the EU Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade Voluntary Partnership programme (FLEGT VPA).