Tropical Timber

  • ATIBT publishes new guide to using African timbers in Europe New ATIBT guide on certified African timber

    Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux (ATIBT) has just released Volume 1 of its “User Guide for Eco-certified African Timber in Europe”. The Guide provides technical information on the tropical timber species, highlights its exceptional qualities and presents uses for which tropical timber has proven ideal. It also includes a list of species and their uses.

  • Tropical Timber: “Use it or lose it”

    The future of the world’s remaining tropical forests depends on the responsible use of tropical timber, concluded participants and speakers at the Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition’s (STTC) latest conference ‘Real impact through timber purchasing policies’ held in Rotterdam on 23 June. Consumption of tropical timber was identified as the only way of protecting tropical forests […]

  • ITTO assesses impact of timber procurement policies

    ITTO has released a new publication that analyses the economic impacts of governmental timber procurement policies on tropical timber markets. The study is taking a close look at the impacts of such policies on demand, supply, costs and prices as well as the financial implications for exporting countries.