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  • GTF Director John Halkett on the significance of the GTF

    GTF Director John Hackett speaks about the significance of the GTF for the Australian wood industry. He underlines the importance of collaborative action and global cooperation on issues such as promoting the environmental virtues of timber products, sustainable forestry and legality as well as new applications for wood products, such as high-rise buildings, for example.

  • GTF Executive Director Rachel Butler on the Global Timber Forum

    Rachel Butler, Executive Director of the Global Timber Forum, speaks about the priorities of the new international timber sector networking and communications platform. The GTF’s key role will be to support the industry voice at a policy level and to provide technical support to meet international requirements.

  • GTF Chair Cindy Squires: “GTF can be a force-multiplier for SMEs and trade associations”

    Cindy Squires, Executive Director of the International Wood Products Association and GTF Chair, asserts that the private sector, or “people on the ground”, need to be informed and included in discussions on timber legality and sustainability. They also need to be aware of the laws in the countries they work with, she explains – and […]