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  • Metsä Wood: A fresh take on the Colosseum

    To explore the possibilities of wood, Metsä Wood is planning how famous architectural designs could be constructed out of wood. Based on feedback from customers and partners, the Colosseum in Rome was chosen as the first Plan B case. Architect Antti Laiho from Helin & Co. Architects was commissioned to plan a modern version of the […]

  • Wood for Good – The Story of the Tree

    How much carbon is stored in a tree? How does that translate into cut timber and wood products? And how much carbon can be ‘banked’ by using timber for building houses in the UK? These questions have been raised and answered in a set of short animated films and set of Case Study images created […]

  • CEI-Bois: Use wood to tackle climate change

    CEI-Bois shows that using wood offers a simple way to reduce the CO2 emissions that are the main cause of climate change, through the carbon sink effect of the forests, the carbon storage effect of wood products and the substitution for carbon-intensive materials. At the same time it puts the industry’s economic contribution in context.