Germain Yene, GTF Central Africa Representative

Germain, based in Cameroon, has been with GTF since its inception. He has led and initiated work on SMEs in the Central Africa region since 2013.

He has produced a number of research reports that identify the needs and challenges of SMEs with a particular focus on FLEGT VPA implementation (Cameroon, Congo Brazzaville, D.R.C, Gabon & Central Africa Republic). More recently he has extend GTF work into Mozambique. Though more importantly he has a track record in proposing practical solutions to support smaller operators meet responsible trade objectives ie FLEGT VPA or EUTR due diligence requirements. He recently developed a guide for Cameroonian SME associations and operators to better implement legality requirements. He has conducted consultations with many associations and organised exchanges between SME operators to encourage information sharing.

Germain is an experienced forestry expert having worked perviously for The Forest Trust for 7 years. With a long track record in supporting companies in forestry certification, legality gap assessments, development and implementation of action plans, drafting and implementing projects to support private sector in the frame of sustainable forest management.