Gustav Adu, GTF West Africa Representative

Gustav is based in Ghana and has closely worked with private sector for GTF for since 2015. He has undertaken research to identify the private sector needs and managed other projects and research.

He has undertaken research to identify the private sector needs in Ghana, Liberia & Cote D’Ivoire including the recent ASK Surveys. He project managed and supported new reasrch into the role of women in the wood-processing sector in Ghana. He has supported GTF communications function develop a National Communications Strategy through convening all stakeholders.

Gustav is Director of and founded Kumasi Wood Cluster Association that builds Small Medium Forest Enterprises capacity for legal and sustainable management of forest resources. He has been lead consultant for numerous organisations with FAO & the EUs Independent Market Monitor (IMM) with significant experience in training and setting up the systems and structures for enterprises. He has significant technical background in auditing for Forest Management Certification, Chain of Custody Certification and Timber Legality Assurance System verification and compliance. Gustav has been supporting trade association capacity building and has been at the forefront in establishing a new Ghana association that convenes the many associations.