New board forms step-off point for GTF development

New GTF board (from left) Andreas von Möller, George White, Francisco Grotewold, Rachel Butler, John Halkett, Cindy Squires, and Françoise Van de Ven.

The Global Timber Forum’s creation of a new international board was unveiled at their event hosted at the Rome headquarters by key supporter, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) EU-FLEGT Programme.

GTF revealed the make-up of its new board of directors, formed following its recent establishment as a not-for-profit organization. It represents a wide range of interests across the international timber trade, comprising GTF Chair Cindy Squires, Executive Director of the International Wood Products Association; GTF Treasurer Andreas von Möller, President of the European Timber Trade Federation; and GTF Directors: John Halkett, General Manager of the Australian Timber Importers Federation; Françoise Van de Ven, Secretary General of the Gabonese Forest Industries and Managers Association (UFIGA); and Francisco Grotewold, Executive Director of the Guatemalan Forestry Union (Gremial). It additionally includes Executive Director Rachel Butler and Operations Director George White.

Latest GTF developments, supporters agreed in Rome, will form the stepping off point for ensuring the organisation develops a diverse advisory committee that supports advocacy and cooperation. Meeting outcomes will now be reviewed and further information reported in the coming months.