• Report brings Myanmar private forest and timber sector needs into focus

    A major report has been completed into the business, market and environmental policy development needs of Myanmar’s private forest and timber sector as it increasingly engages with the international market and its legality and sustainability requirements.

  • GTF survey on due diligence finds SMEs to be performing well

    Since the EU Timber Regulation was first adopted there has been much debate and some confusion as to the best approach to practicing due diligence. What does a good system look like? How much diligence should be practiced? How is risk assessed and suitably managed? In May and June GTF commissioned some analysis of a sample of European and producer-country small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) involved in the forest products trade. The detailed results of this research will soon be available for download from the GTF website, but some initial findings are ready to be shared now.

  • Global Timber Forum to move forward and establish legal status

    The GTF advisory board agreed to set up a legal structure for the Global Timber Forum on occasion of last week’s GTF Summit in Shanghai. The not-for-profit company is to be UK-based and formal set-up is expected to be completed during the course of the summer.

  • International timber sector gathers at GTF Shanghai Summit

    Over 100 delegates from throughout the international timber sector and associated organisations have gathered in Shanghai at the GTF Summit to discuss the range of current wood sector issues. 

  • Global Timber Forum Summit tackles key trade issues

    The Global Timber Forum in Shanghai next week will cover a wide range of key international timber trade issues, with expert speakers drawn from around the world to address them.