Stephen Mitchell GTF Asia-Pacific Representative

Stephen is based in Australia and is leading the work for GTF on Association Surveys for Knowledge (ASK) for the Asia-Pacific region. Stephen has been working in the timber trade for many years. Before embarking on his own consultancy he initiated and lead the sustainability programme for the Australian Timber Development Association – a technically oriented trade association.

Stephen has undertaken research to identify timber industry needs, including the recent ASK Surveys for Australia and New Zealand, as well as undertaken numerous projects to address these needs. He developed two timber industry-based due diligence system toolkits to assist importers of timber, wood panels, paper products and wood furniture comply with the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act. The toolkits are based on his extensive research into risk management practices of Australian, New Zealand, European and EU and based businesses. They are also based on his experience in assisting Australian businesses importing from many countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Chile, China and Vietnam. Stephen is a qualified auditor for Chain of Custody Certification.